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Lowering the Risks. Raising the Rewards. 
We help you lower the risks of outsourcing software development, while raising the rewards and maximizing the benefits you expect.
Why Work With Us?
A Proven Entity Established in 1986 as a California corporation, Dynamic Ventures is based in Cupertino in Silicon Valley. We are members of many professional organizations – and we’re renowned in software development circles for our successful projects that span the entire project life cycle.
Understanding Your Needs We strive to understand what you need to accomplish – working closely with you to define the “what” and “how” -- even if you have little or no specifications.
Agile methodology We build software through a series of short iterations that produce prototypes at milestones. The input for each milestone is based on feedback from the client, stakeholders, developers, and the result of testing and diagnostics code.
Monitoring Project Progress Through a series of short discussions, you’ll know and see project progress on a regular basis – following the project every step of the way – without taking up too much of your time. By confidently knowing that everyone is on the same wavelength, you’ll spend less time worrying and devote more time to other issues.
“Re-factoring” for High-Quality Code  Refactoring saves time and increases quality. Throughout the project life cycle, we continually refactor (revamp) the code and the architecture to improve the internal structure and keep the software trim and clean. This simplifies the code and ensures that we have flexible architecture and infrastructure -- which allows for easy evolution.
Superior Team Our developers are experts in their fields and are extremely motivated to provide you with the best results. Their expertise, experience and motivation -- combined with our agile working methodology -- contribute to better software products. The result: software that addresses the real issues; software that is reliable; and software that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to evolve.
Relationship of Trust Establishing a relationship based on trust is very important to us. Our clients trust that we will apply our best judgment. We’ll find out what needs to be done to best serve your interests, while we continuously solicit your feedback in a minimal amount of time.
Providing Dependable Follow-up Whenever you need follow-up assistance for a software project, we’re always just a phone call away: (408)-343-0234.

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