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Software Consulting
Contract Programming
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Achieving Successful Results -- Even Without Formal or Well-Defined Specifications
What we offer
• Custom Software Development and Maintenance (we take full responsibility for the project throughout its entire lifecycle)
• Software Consulting services (our consultant joins your team to help you in the software development as a team member,  coach, mentor, on-the-job trainer and/or team leader)
• Project Leadership and Technical Coordination of offshore software development
• Consultation (brainstorming, code reviews, software performance optimization & tuning, functionality and usability improvement, security audit)

We can:
• Work at your site
• Work off-site at our Silicon Valley office
• Meet and Collaborate with you using on-line conferencing
• Utilize the services of our highly skilled proficient off-shore development teams

We specialize in projects with little or no specifications, or with specifications that are likely to change.

We are expert in identifying your needs and in focusing on the real issues.
Our evolving milestones/prototypes allow our clients to clearly understand what is being developed and to provide meaningful feedback, which in turn allows us better refine the ‘needs’.

We have a strong expertise developing leading edge quality software using the latest Microsoft technologies.
Our current focus is developing web and desktop applications for the Microsoft Dot-Net Technologies using ASP.NET, C#, VC++, ADO.NET and SQL Server.

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