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Delivering the Savings of Off-Shore Software Development

How Our Project Leaders
Work with Offshore Developers

• Actively participate in all aspects of the development.
• Act as coach, mentor and technical advisor for the offshore developer to ensure that your project is exactly in line with your needs.
• Maintain daily contact with offshore code developers – and monitor progress continually.
• Provide developers with clear task assignments and timely feedback on developed code.
• Have access to the latest code at all times -- and use the latest Web Collaboration tools to interact.
• Review and inspect all code on a regular basis.
• Iterate and build your project at the lowest possible cost – while meeting the highest standards of quality and usability.
For valuable leadership and technical coordination, we apply our development methodology to offshore outsourced development. Our evolving milestone approach enables you to clearly understand what is being developed – so you can provide meaningful feedback to help us better refine your real needs. With this proven process, we can reduce the risks of offshore development, while saving you money by getting specialized technical expertise at the lowest possible rates.

The Project Leader:
Your Key to Successful Projects

We’ll assign a Project Leader to be your primary contact on your project. The project leader is an expert in understanding your needs, as well as an experienced software engineer and architect.

Our Project Leaders identify the unique needs of each client and focus on the key issues. They are skilled at translating your specific needs into technical actions that can be understood and implemented by off-shore developers. Your Project Leader is your link to the remote developers, coaching them to ensure they produce exactly what you need -- and that they adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Project leaders can work with your in-house staff or your off-shore team -- or utilize the services of our off-shore developers and development teams. They can work on your site or off-site and communicate with you over the Web. Most importantly, you can count on your Project Leader to take full responsibility for all your project deliverables.

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