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We develop custom mapping software that provides information such as locations, driving direction, GPS positioning, and optimal routes.

We can integrate our software with most external applications, including SalesForce or QuickBooks, and provide customizations for Web Applications such as Google Maps ® and Yahoo! Maps ®.

Our Software development expertise for GIS, LBS and Mapping related applications include:
Software development with Google Maps ® API
Software development with Google Earth ® API, Google Earth ® integrations
Software development with Microsoft MapPoint Web Services (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server)
Integration of location-based services such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches into software applications and business processes
Development of Location Based Services Software (LBS)
GPS Communication and Navigation Systems
Route Planning
Route Tracking
Traffic Information Systems
GIS/Mapping Data conversion
Geographic Data Editors / Graphics Editors
Vector Editor for Planar Data
Elevation Editor for Elevation Data
Meta DataEditor for FGDC Meta Data
Integration with external applications (QuickBooks, SalesForce.com, etc)

Google Maps Demos:

Click here to see a Google Maps demo
Click here to see another Google Maps demo

Microsoft MapPoint Demos:

Click here to see a MapPoint demo
Click here to see another MapPoint demo

To find out more about how Dynamic Ventures can help you ensure project success, click here . See how we can meet your application development needs -- even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description. Call (408) 343-0234 or e-mail  info@dyve.com today.
Experts in Building Applications
Our strong expertise in Digital Mapping, Geographic Information System software and Electronic Cartography can help you create customized software applications that fit the exact needs of your company. We are proficient in the latest software programming tools and technologies, such as C#, Visual C++ (VC++), MFC, ATL, STL, WIN32, GDI+, SQL Server, AJAX, ADO.NET, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, MapPoint and Google Maps API.

From showing your clients the exact location of your headquarters to creating a complex GPS Communication System that ensures a safe link between you and your employees, we are capable of offering professional mapping solutions with fast development cycles and highly competitive rates.

Your Proven Software Development Resource
You can count on Dynamic Ventures for top-quality Desktop and Web applications with fast development cycles at very competitive rates. Our development approach uses agile methodology which enables us to produce superior software that addresses real issues -- while being reliable and easy to use, maintain, and evolve. Most of the software products we develop are used by our client’s customers and marketed under our clients' company names.

Successful Solutions for your Organization's Unique Challenges
Our strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified to create a successful solution for virtually any type of application development project. We're ready to apply our knowledge and expertise to the unique challenges and requirements of your operation.

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