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We have developed multiple custom utilities that automate the work with QuickBooks and create new integrated products with added functionality.

We serve the needs of two types of clients: 
1. Vendors who want to integrate their Web or desktop software products into QuickBooks. (They sell our work to their clients as part of their product offerings.)  
2. Businesses that want special customization or integration with QuickBooks for their own use – such as exchanging information between their Web site and QuickBooks.  

Through customized programming, Dynamic Ventures has helped enhance the effectiveness and power of QuickBooks for many different companies in a wide variety of ways. For example, we can integrate your Web site or business application into QuickBooks and add new functionality that you might want in QuickBooks. Plus, we can automate the data transfer between QuickBooks and other Desktop or Web applications -- such as Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, PayPal, eBay, Amazon Marketplace or other existing Web sites. We can even create new custom applications for your business that interact with QuickBooks.

Our QuickBooks expertise can benefit your business by:
  Customizing QuickBooks to the way you run your business;
  Simplifying the way your employees use QuickBooks;
  Reducing redundant data entry to save time and money; and
  Delegating data entry tasks to employees who don't know QuickBooks.

Look over some examples of how we've customized QuickBooks for our clients -- then contact us to learn how we can meet the unique needs of your operation.

Here’s how we helped clients get more from QuickBooks – and some ways we can help your operation:
  Customizing applications that automatically input the data from Web site orders into QuickBooks.
  Simplifying the "Received Payment Functionality" of QuickBooks by providing a “one click” solution.
  Adding fields to QuickBooks to keep track of Sales Commissions or the outstanding balance of Purchase Orders -- or any other items not tracked by QuickBooks.
  Adding new forms to QuickBooks for activities not supported by the application.
  Trapping QuickBooks events -- like the creation of a new invoice and posting the invoice information into a Web application.
  Using "Electronic Forms" for specific tasks, so users can utilize QuickBooks without the need to access QuickBooks directly or learn QuickBooks. This allows you to delegate specific data-entry tasks (such as the Payment Receipt, Invoice Creation, Bill Payments, Time Tracking) to employees without having to give them access to your entire QuickBooks Accounting System.

We are pros in all the latest software integration, software development and software programming tools and technology. This include C#, Visual C++ (VC++), MFC, ATL, STL, WIN32, GDI+, SQL Server, ADO.NET, Custom Controls, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, DotNet Component Services, DotNet Remoting, ASP.NET, XML, SOAP, Web Services, QuickBooks SDK, eBay SDK and PayPal integration.

Plus, with our iterative "evolving milestone" process, we can help reduce development time and deliver better products -- even if you have little or no specs (or specs that are incorrect or changing).

To find out more about how Dynamic Ventures can help you ensure project success, click here. See how we can meet your application development needs -- even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description. Call (408) 343-0234 or send email to info@dyve.com today.
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