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We have strong expertise in developing intuitive and easy to use software applications.

Our team of experts has been responsible for the design and usability of major commercial software products and web applications for Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, The Learning Company and Leap Frog Toys.

  Web Applications with ASP.NET, C#, ASP, PHP, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DHTML 
  Desktop Applications with Windows Forms (WinForms), C#, VC++, MFC, ATL, VB 
  Graphics and Image related Applications for Windows and the Web
  Creation and Manipulation of Video files
  Graphics and Image Editors
  Workflows applications
  Dynamic GUI Generation based on information in Database or XML
  GUI components – such as ASP.NET Server Controls, User Controls, JavaScript client-side components, Custom Controls and ActiveX components
  GDI+, OpenGL, DirectX, Ajax

To ensure the most efficient software development process, we use an agile software development methodology. Rather than delivering your software all at once, we will build it incrementally through a series of project milestones/iterations. You will have a working system from a very early iteration. With each iteration, we will improve and refine the system based on your feedback and your priorities. This way, you’ll end up with a satisfactory final product that meets your expectations.

We recommend exposing the system to real users at early stage, so you will get real feedback. This will enable us to add and modify system features to meet real-world requirements.

You can find samples of our work at:  Web Applications Development and Desktop Applications Development pages


To find out more about how Dynamic Ventures can help you ensure project success, click here. See how we can meet your application development needs -- even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description. Call (408) 343-0234 or send email to info@dyve.com today.

Successful Solutions for your Organization’s Unique Challenges
Our strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified to create a successful solution for virtually any type of application development project. Now, we're ready to apply our knowledge and expertise to the unique challenges and requirements of your operation.

Experts in Building Applications
We are fluent in all the latest software development and software programming tools and technology. This includes ASP.NET,  ASP, PHP, Windows Forms (WinForms), C#, Visual C++ (VC++), MFC, ATL, STL, WIN32, GDI+, SQL Server, VB, VB.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, Custom Controls, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, HTML, DHTML,
Windows Multimedia SDK
OpenGL, DirectX and DirectShow.

Experts in Building Components
In addition to building applications, we are also experts in building GUI components – such as ASP.NET Server Controls and User Controls and JavaScript client-side components.

Frequent Iterations of Working Software
Plus, with our iterative "evolving milestone" process, we can help reduce development time and deliver better products -- even if you have little or no specs (or specs that are incorrect or changing).

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