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Dynamic Ventures has developed a wide variety of successful Web Applications, including many that are used by millions of end-users every month. Our Web Applications are typically used by the customers of our clients and marketed under our clients' company names. 

Below are some examples from our portfolio. Feel free to visit our client's websites and contact us to learn how we can meet your unique needs.

Financial Portfolio Management Tool

We developed a web based application that allows investors and financial advisors to better manage their portfolios through a "Point & Figure" charting method.

The application draws diagrams (stock charts) based on data from an investors portfolio along with historical stock market information. See www.go2mypv.com for details.

Web Application for the non-profit Chicago Crimes Commission

We developed the website and related web applications for The Chicago Crimes Commission, including an online catalog and shopping cart, message-board, and blog.  Users can make donations and purchase publications from the website with VeriSign integration, and can track the status of their orders with a customized FedEx integration. Some portions of the website have public access while others are secure and only available to registered members. See www.chicagocrimecommission.org for details

SalesForce Applications

We develop applications for users of SalesForce.com to increase productivity and eliminate redundant data entry, such as:

Application to automatically export information from SalesForce.com into QuickBooks
Application to automatically import data to SalesForce.com from XML files www.salesforce.com/appexchange/detail_overview.jsp?id=a0330000001mGdEAAU
QuickBooks integration for Yahoo! Maps
This plug-in calculates the optimal delivery route with driving directions, between multiple addresses directly from QuickBooks.
Interactive Image Browsing for 3D Terrain Visualization
We developed an important web module for a major provider of 3D terrain database generation and visualization tools. Using JPEG2000 technology and the Kakadu software kit, we facilitated the retrieval of map information from server to client.

Web-based Athletic Training-Plan Generator

We developed a web-application for trainers of professional-athletes and Olympians to scientifically calculate the most effective training program to improve athletic performance while reducing the risk of injury. 

Each work-out is created by breaking down the athlete's personal physical evaluation, current ability and history of injuries along with the particular sport's movement patterns, rest periods, reaction needs, muscular power, endurance requirements and common sites of injury.

This software is currently used by our client's franchise of athletic training centers.

Online Hospital Comparison Charts and Reports

We developed a medical-reference website used by patients to easily compare complex treatment options for major medical procedures.  The website takes into account a large number of factors, such as hospital experience and track record, location, and cost.

Database-Mining web-application for the Biotech Industry

We developed a data-mining web-application that retrieves information from multiple databases.  The application uses an intuitive and consistent user interface allowing clients to easily search for data according to a large number of complex criteria, to save searches, and to generate custom reports.

Web-Based Case Management System

We developed a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that simplifies the complexity of managing the human egg donation process. The system is used internally by case managers who keep track of, and manage, all critical tasks necessary for a successful experience for both the egg donor and recipient.

The application features many task interdependencies and uses Ajax technology for faster load-time and ease of use.

On-line Custom Greeting Cards
Our Web application enables users to upload, position and make adjustments to photos -- and then order printed cards with customized text and pictures for delivery.
Web-based Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system
We helped create a public Web application for real estate information that gets 20+ million hits per month (see www.mlslistings.com).
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) applications we developed for real estate boards have over 20,000 users (see www.reil.com).
We developed a tool to seamlessly integrates MLS data with over 1,000 Web sites -- from major national sites such as Yahoo.com , Realtors.com and Homeadvisor.com to the web sites of leading real estate brokers like ReMax and Coldwell Banker.
Our Web utility enables Real Estate Agents to add photos to their listings in the MLS system.
We developed a Web utility that allows real estate agents and "Virtual Tour" providers to add Virtual Tour video clips to their listings in the MLS system.
Clarify Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
We developed many of the internal components of the Clarify Business Object Layer, along with many parts of the Clarify "eFrontOffice" reference Web application. Clarify's clients use this reference application as a starting point for developing their own custom version of the software.
Web-based Store
Our application enables non-programmer Webmasters to easily manage site content (see www.springmanrecords.com).
Investment Applications
  Dynamic Ventures created Web and Desktop applications that calculate and demonstrate the tax advantages of investments. The applications are used by financial service professionals to show the tax advantages of investment options to potential clients, which helps them close more sales and build commissions. The Desktop version is used in the place of the Web application when the professionals do not have access to the Internet, both the desktop and Web version of the application offer the same functionality.

We also developed a downloadable trial version of the application, along with an online purchase and activation process. The products are owned and marketed by our client. See www.taxmaxusa.net for this application.

We also built a web-based and desktop application to help sell investments products to teachers. The product shows teachers that, with a minimal reduction of “take home” income after taxes, significantly more money can be earned for retirement (thanks to special laws offering unique retirement plans for the teachers). The software also shows teachers what their monthly “take home” income would be at retirement – both with and without the recommended investments.
Our Web application tracks the activities and usage of Web sites.
On-line Purchasing
We created Web-based on-line purchasing and software activation processes for Desktop Applications.
Application Integration
We enabled inter-connecting data and functionality between Web applications, desktop applications and any data exchange between systems. For example, we facilitated integration with PayPal, eBay and QuickBooks.
On-line Business Plan Preparation Application
We conceived this generic application to help people organize and define complex on-line surveys and questionnaires. The application can be configured to display the results of surveys in an HTML-format page -- and to notify the users who completed the survey by e-mail. The database-driven form with GUI generation is used for business plan preparation. However, the same infrastructure can be used to generate other applications by changing the configuration information in the database.
Semiconductor Fabrication Monitoring
Our Web application is used for controlling, monitoring and viewing dynamic graphs of devices and sensors used in semiconductor fab in "real time" from any Web browser on the client's Intranet or the Internet.
Image Archival and Retrieval
Our Web application is an integral part of an image archival and retrieval system to review and analyze defects in the semiconductor production to improve yields. Our client was acquired by a Fortune 500 company specifically because of the application that we developed.
On-line Proposal Evaluation Services
We perform on-going maintenance and enhancements for this Web application.
Online Art Gallery
This web application (www.myrnaehrlich.com) enables non-technical users to manage the creation and publishing of content for their website. From the administration page, users can customize the look of their gallery:
Upload and adjust the size of the pictures automatically
Add captions to pictures
Assign pictures to categories (menus in the website)
Change picture display order
Change website categories (menus) and their hierarchy

To find out more about how Dynamic Ventures can help you ensure project success, click here . See how we can meet your application development needs -- even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description. Call (408) 343-0234 or e-mail  info@dyve.com today.

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Along with being experts in building applications, we also build components – such as ASP.NET Server Controls and User Controls and JavaScript client-side components.

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You can count on Dynamic Ventures for top-quality Desktop and Web applications with fast development cycles at very competitive rates. Our development approach uses agile methodology which enables us to produce superior software that addresses real issues -- while being reliable and easy to use, maintain, and evolve. Most of the software products we develop are used by our client’s customers and marketed under our clients' company names.

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